Sacred Heart

Paper, acrylic paint, 4″x6″ Sold Image Description: Individually laid blue Canada stamps, in the top right and bottom left corner are Islamic floral designs and in the bottom right and top right corner are symbols from byzantine art in red. The center is a painting of Mary’s sacred heart.

Soul Mates

Paper, 3.25″x3.5″ Sold Image Description: collage of washer and dryer, in the dryer is an growling tiger, and out the washer a gazelle is popping its head out. 

American Dream

Paper, 6″x2.5″ Sold Image Description: collage of woman sitting, legs open, nude, and pulling her shirt open to expose breasts. Behind her are gin bottles. She is looking directly at viewer.

Return to Sender

Paper, 2.8″x4.5″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman wearing workout clothes, looking down and pulling up her tights. The background is red and in the center is white with three stamps (ram, jewelry, and Ella Fitzgerald).


Paper, 5″x4 5/8″ Image Description: collage with blue screen, woman in lingerie and hands on her hips look at viewer. There are two yellow circles on diagonal of each side of the screen. Inside the screen it says, “how to leave home–emotionally.”


Paper, 4.75″x6.75″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman standing with hand on her hip, glamorous, and cigarette packages behind her. She has three yellow spotlights behind her dispersed evenly. She has a shadow of herself in white behind her.


Paper, 3 7/8″x4 1/16″ Sold Image Description: collage of man climbing (his back is to the viewer) through blue televsion, fuzzy screen, and and when he crawls out there is a yellow halo.

Immigration 2018

Paper, 3.5″x3.5″ Image Description: collage of two people having sex, the woman on her knees, and man behind her. They have a stamp of the statue of liberty covering the penetration. The background is a map of Florida, showing the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. They have pie halos.

To Work!

Paper, 6″x7.25″ Image Description:  collage of woman in 70’s fashion, hand on her head, looking at viewer and blue Canada stamp background and blue square at feet. By her legs is the phrase, “Do you have a drinking problem?”


Paper, 5.75″x5.5″ Image Description: Collage of woman sitting on floor, smoking, while other woman behind her (smaller) has her back turned and head cut off. The background is a dishwasher and on the left is the phrase, “No one will leave feeling neutral.”


Paper, 4.5″x5.5″ Image Description: Collage of statue reclined, watching television. On screen are two nude women sitting in water, looking like they’re playing, one of the women are looking directly at viewer and the other is pointing to something off screen.

Woman’s Place

Paper, 2.75″x3″ Image Description: collage of pixelated woman drinking on carpet background. Arrow pointing at her saying, “dirt’s in the bag–no messy floor removal!”