Your Land

Lilac shower curtain with floating head in the center and halo of eyes. The head is on its side and leaking blood with a kafeyyi bursting from the neck; the blood drips onto yasmines and into an open hand. There are wasps and pressed grape leaves throughout the painting. On the sides it reads “Your … More Your Land

Palestine May 2021

Painting of a woman lifting red drape, her back is turned to the viewer and she is shirtless. Her skirt is bunched around your waste and the bottom of her feet exposed. There is a gold and black kafeyyi draped around her waist similar to the headband on her head; her hair is the artists … More Palestine May 2021


Black and white figure, face covered by black scarf cradling baby and moving away from babydoll parts on the ground in disgust.


Black and white image of figure with black draping on face sitting and holding strap on. One breast is binded and covered with the black draping while the other is exposed.


Torso lying in tub of water, bottom half in white dress with chest exposed. Rosary on wrist cradling breast with black fingertips, the other hand holding a dagger pointing at the Virgin Mary’s sacred heart.


“Good by to the old me, the afraid me, the people pleasing me.. the me I can’t recognise anymore,” is written above and below image. Artist lying on the ground, imitating death, with hovering hands drawn around them in white. One hand is holding the devil tarot card and a snake wrapped around a sword … More Máte


“Good bye to the docile girl who never bit back,” written at bottom of page. Artist sitting, head out of view, and two drawn hands pointing at each other. Blue string tied connecting their index fingers, on the string are pink teeth.

Who am I?

House paint, spray paint, twin size comforter Image Description: Blue twin sized blanket with white floral design sprayed painted with the words “who am I?” on the bottom in red and translated into Arabic on the top, also in red. In the center of the artwork is a self portrait of the artist as a … More Who am I?


Paper, 5.75″x4″ Image Description: Collage of woman lying on her stomach, background of specks of snow and random dots of blue light. It reads, “some people are what they love. It’s disgusting! Some people love what they are… Never.”


Paper, acrylic paint, marker, 4.5”x6.25” Image Description: collage of woman with white out eyes, wearing only towel, has wet hair, and standing by tile wall. She has a yellow and red halo, hearts and dots surrounding it. It reads “bitch-faced girl XOXOXO”